In their own words, KIVA envisions a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives. With help from Clubs like ours, KIVA makes microloans to individuals and small businesses all over the world. You may give a loan to someone in Ecuador needing dental work, an entrepreneur in Egypt that wants to open a sundry store, or a family in the US that wants to start a lawn care business. Our small loan of $25 pools together will all of the other microloans that others have given, to help these people meet their goals. KIVA fits into almost all of our Rotary International Causes. How do we fund KIVA at a Club Level? We use the money we make from the Meeting Raffles to fund these micro loans. It is important that we have items for the raffle so we can refuel for a KIVA relaunch. Start bringing your prizes and dollars for the raffle! This fun part of our meeting allows us to live out the 21-22 Rotary Theme of "Serve to Change Lives."